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I'm definitely a scatter brained, all over the place, leave a trail behind me, hot mess. I am interested in all things that taste good, look good, and make me laugh or smile. Some days i'm a little more sane than others, but everyone is a little crazy from time to time.

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Sometimes love, it brings you down

thatspeciallegspose asked: I`m so happy about your legpop-photo! It`s always the best if there is a slight line under the calf muscle. It`s perfect on your photo, so I really think your photo is one of the first-class-pictures on my blog :-))) So beautiful! Thanks again :-*


shoeadmirer asked: Hello. Just saw you wearing your white low top Converse chucks. So beautiful wearing it. Really like your blue low top chucks as well. Thanks for posting it and hope you can post lots more wearing your chucks

Thank you :)) I will most definitely post some more photos when I have time :)